Im Dr. Ryan Lutz and I live in Fort Myers.  I'm a 4th generation electrician with a diverse construction background including;
 estimating, installs, design(acoustical ceilings, sunrooms, patios, drywall).  

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Dr. Ryan Lutz | Creator of ReGrouts.com

Every job I take on is based on a clear vision for improving your home. If I dont see a ROI (return on investment) for your home, I'll tell you.  This is why we require photos before we allow you to schedule a design consult.  If I dont think I can improve your space, and make it look better, than I dont want that job.  If you are specific and discerning about design and want to collaborate with likeminded people, than we may be a great fit.  

Unlike many contractors, I'm not paycheck-to-paycheck.  I stopped practicing medicine because I found it unfulfilling.  I do this work because it brings me satisfaction to deliver a great result. 

I also am a website specialist who focuses on working with the top art galleries and art fairs.  I run one of the largest global art directory websites.  I objectively rank the top global art fairs based on Instagram and search engine interest.  I also rank the top galleries in NYC, Miami, NYC, Chicago, and beyond.  xzib.com

I won awards for my clinical acumen when testing for licensure to practice medicine.  I left practicing medicine because I find it unfulfilling, requiring ethical compromises I refused to accept.   Design and construction have clear ends with clear endings that enrich customers lives.  I love this type of work that requires problem solving, design, engineering, and problem solving.  

Its not hard to stand out in this field when most Florida contractors are a nightmare.  


- Our employees undergo background checks.
- I willingly share my background and SS number with customers.
- Unlike some contractors, we are financially stable
- Myself or a manager visits every job to look for engineering problems
- Learn more about me HERE.

Our financing enforces high ethical standards to keep us in good standing including:
- We itemize materials and quantities for every job.
- Subcontractors and I upload item details / photos of your jobsite and progress.
- This commitment to transparency ensures top-notch accountability and quality in our installations.