ColorSeal Grout Paints

When it comes to choosing between grout color sealing and grout painting, you have a plethora of options to explore. Large retail stores like Lowes offer products such as Mapei Grout Refresh, which you can also find on platforms like Amazon, among countless other grout-related products.

For those seeking professional solutions, there are notable options like ColorClad, Grout Perfect, ColorSealProGrout, and GroutShield, which is conveniently located in Fort Myers, Florida. In our area and throughout South Florida, you'll come across numerous carpet and tile cleaning companies, many of which offer tile grout cleaning services. However, it's important to emphasize that while the product you choose is a factor, it's not the most critical consideration.

In truth, the key to achieving a successful tile grout painting and sealing project lies in a crucial step that transcends product selection. While professional options often deliver superior results, the paramount factor is the proper execution of the process.

Floor Prep

Have you checked out my blog article about the problematic LVP installation by Patrica's Flooring of Cape Coral?   To sum it up, many contractors tend to cut corners and skip crucial steps. In my experience, Florida contractors, in particular, have been the worst I've encountered, despite growing up around construction in NC. Lee County floor contractors often neglect the vital "floor prep" stage, which includes waterproofing and leveling. Skipping this step can lead to the failure of new installations, whether it's luxury vinyl, tile, or engineered hardwood. Consequently, customers end up grappling with a flawed installation until they're forced to prematurely replace it.

Floor Cleaning

The same principle applies to grout painting. Without proper floor preparation, you can expect that colorseal grout painting will deteriorate faster. It's imperative to clean the floors thoroughly and finish with an acid cleaner to open up the pores, allowing the paint to adhere properly. In this context, preparation is the most crucial aspect of the entire process.

Is ColorSeal Right for you

Grout color sealing is a viable option for many, but it doesn't address the issue like performance grout does. Grout paint covers old grout, and while there are high-quality color seal products that mimic real grout, it's akin to the difference between a kit car and a genuine Ferrari. One has greater value and durability. When done correctly, performance grout requires less maintenance.

However, this doesn't mean you should rule out grout color sealing altogether. It's an excellent choice for many situations. But, when your home's value exceeds $1,000,000, it's worth considering the best investment. Should you opt for new floors or regrouting? Will it impact resale value? It's a judgment call. If you decide on grout color seal, we offer the top product on the market. It's not like typical "color seals"; it chemically bonds to the grout, ensuring a great appearance and lasting quality.

Black PAinters Tape

Your Best Grout Color

Whether you are installing a colorseal or a new grout, it is important to find the right color. We can create custom grout color seal colors.  This includes paint samples from stores such as Sherwin Williams.  

But what is easiest and the most reliable is to choose an existing grout color.  Mapei Grout Refresh is a water based grout paint you can find at Lowes or Amazon.  But a couple bottles of that for testing purposes in your home.    Mapei also has high quality brochures you can find at Lowes or Floor & Decor.  

For at home testing I reccommend black painters tape for white tile and white painters tape for black tile.   The juxtaposing tape color allows for more sensitivity and focus for your eyes to read the color best.  That said, you definitly can use standard blue painters tape as well.  

Since this application is temporary, you do not need to worry about cleaning grout prior. We will clean all your grout with a 2 step process if you choose to hire us.  

Mark off a small area in your home for testing.  I suggest somewhere near a window so you can experience the paint in natural sunlight as well as other light sources at night.   Paint at least 4 tiles in a square pattern and live with it for a week or so and continue to look at it at various times of the day and night.  You should eventually decide if any of the colors work for you. 

If not, you can go the route of seeking out unique and custom colors from paint stores.  So long as we have a sample, we can match it at the laboratory.