Asian, Spanish, and Ukrainian tools for targeted grout Removal Stain Resistant Performance Grout.
Serving Cape Coral and Fort Myers.  

Tile Repair, Redesign, & ReGrout

Traditional grout darkens because it absorbs dirt, oil, and skin cells.  Improper tile installations worsen the problem, leading to judgment from co-workers, friends, and family.  

Other people have a different problem.   Ugly Grout + Tile combinations!  The timeless design choice is a grout that matches your tile.  

The obvious choice for a Tile Grout is something that blends in disappears within the tile.  This is the best choice to maintain the value of your home.   

The Good News!

Our ReGrouts feature Performance Grout with 4x more stain resistance.  Our specialized tools from Asia, Spain, can do the work in a fraction of time of a new floor installation.  

To find out if you qualify for Tile Repair and ReGrout, simply text us three well-lit photos.

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$3,500 for performance ReGrout

+/- $5500 repainting  walls + replace the awful Adams Family style light fixtures.  

Renovations with Florida contractors are risky.   Ripping out floors and cabinets opens the flood gates to increasingly expensive and time consuming remodels.  You life interrupted and OFTEN the new work looks bad..   

  These conservative renovation changes are quicker to execute and provide more value.  Keep your current tile and cabinets and repaint.    Neutral colors can refresh your space with a timeless design you will enjoy and will increase the value of your home.  

Text us photos now to find out if your space is an ideal candidate!  Dont worry, we only want to do the work if the improvement will be Instagram worthy.  If not, we will politely tell you our suggested options. 

Financing is available.  

Outdoor Tile Repair and ReGrout

This job involved failed tile adhesion.  We salvaged the tile and installed water drain, expansion joints, new patio hardware, and a new coat of paint.  Click HERE to see all the details of this job in Sail Harbour community in Fort Myers. 

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