LVP Floor Installations

If the thought of vinyl makes you think of vinyl siding and cheap products than you would not be wrong.  It has been and always will be.  However, there are manufacturers who are stepping up with LVP flooring products that do not skimp on quality or materials.  LVP flooring solutions that are getting installed into million dollar home and specified in by architects.  Big Box stores and your local flooring installer like Abbey Carpets will continue to carry the cheapest and most profitable product.  

That is why we only install the high end specialty order products that are objectively thicker and higher quality.  

A well installed LVP is a top choice for situations with kids, pets.  The Flooret option we suggest has 2x the thickness with designer profiles like 3.5" wide craftman styling, LVP is a winning choice for the most discriminating designer.  Our Flooret LVP and Engineered Hardwoods are both extremely durable.  They come in 70-80" planks nearly 2x longer and giving them a high end look when installed.  

The engineered hardwood provides benefits beyond traditional wood floors in preventing denting and damage due to the compressed nature of this European Wood.  The interlocking mechanism makes these floors resistant to water infiltration for hours or days.  Get a sample and test it yourself!

LVP + Hardwoods by


Flooret LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is 2x thicker than big box stores.  Their designer products are higher quality with nuanced designer profiles that satisfy the most discriminating homeowners. These floors are being installed in Multi Million dollar homes in LA, NYC, Austin and they are sure to make you happy too.    

> 2x Thicker than "Premium 7mm"

Below we compare thickness of "wear layer" of 2 vinyl plank flooring samples.  I placed them face to face and then photographed.  The light sample is a "Premium" 7mm product from Abbey Flooring.  The dark sample is from Flooret.    

The yellow lines are added to highlight the thickness of the wear layers.   See the Flooret is over 2x thicker than "premium" 7mm products.  Most Vinyl Plank manufacturers are paper thin 1/4 to 1/2 mil.  Flooret is a full 1 mil thick.

Flooret has a budget line that is thicker than other premium products.