European Tile Work vs USA

In Asia and Europe tile craftsman are highly respected on the jobsite.  In Europe the grout is installed by the owner representing his stamp of approval.  The grout being installed in an event to show pride in a job well done.  

Ryan Lutz At Royal Alcázar Of Seville 2

Ryan Lutz At Royal Alcázar Of Sevilla, Spain

In the USA its the opposite.  The grout installation process is hard work given to the least knowledgable guy on the tile crew.  Given that situation, its not a surprise that tile installations fail at an alarming rate!

  In Lee county Florida cheap materials are common.   Installations often lack  surface prep leaving  homeowners with unlevel floors needing repairs or replacement.  

Florida Contractors

Contractors and flooring businesses flock to Florida with the intention of selling substandard work to retirees vulnerable people.   Im talking about nationwide corporations.  The amount of improper installs Ive seen is staggering.  

In 2023, my partner hired Abbey Flooring to install LVP floors in Sail Harbor, Fort Myers.   $10,000 for 800 sf and it has been a nightmare of incompetence.  The wrong pieces installed and floors not leveled at critical areas.  The owner completely apathetic.  

A friend in Sandoval, Cape Coral has a tile shower leaking through the ceiling.   Another friend had a $40,000 contractor theft post Hurricane Ian.

For your project I suggest careful planning and incremental improvements with cost-effective predictable results.   We can help you assess if you have the bones for a revamp with a paint job, regrout, or new floors.  

From Mcdonald's to Ruth's Chris, we expect itemized billing of food.  Interestingly, most contractors do not provide itemized plans of services and materials.

An itemized plan protects all parties and this is fundamental to our work.  My experience with Florida contractors is that there is no accountability. Business is so good in Florida that unethical contractors can still get work, because people are desperate for solutions.  

We do things different to protect both parties.  

Our Process

1.  Materials, colors, & methods are itemized
2.  Homeowner signs off
3.  Photo materials onsite
4.  Photo progress on jobsite

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